Kindergarten Curriculum


The TREE Curriculum is followed for Pre-KG children.


XSEED Curriculum is followed for LKG and UKG children. XSEED is a complete academic solution for schools. It raises student performance and builds quality in teaching inside classrooms. 95% schools have acknowledged an improvement in academic performance & 78% in admissions within just 2 years of XSEED implementation.

A bank of well-researched Lesson Plans in the Teacher Material is the core of the XSEED programme. The Lesson Plans are available for every concept, and provide learning objectives, 5-Step teaching process and resource guidelines that equip teachers to teach better everyday.The coverage of topics in the XSEED materials is aligned with the syllabi of CBSE, ICSE and major state boards. The materials are also used as a high-quality reference for schools affiliated to international boards.

The Early Year Program for ages 2 to 5 year olds is built around six core areas:Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Physical Development,Language, Communication & Literacy Development, Mathematical Development, Creative Development Panerai Replica Watches .